Kalimba 17 Keys Letter In Mahogany

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Color: Brown

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Fun Instrument You Can Instantly Play & Sound Good in 5 Minutes

You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to play - within minutes, you can learn to play a tune.

You will love the feeling of success when you impress your friends & family by playing this incredible instrument!

Maybe You’ve Always Wanted To Play Something You Could Carry Around

It's the perfect size to carry around with you. Take your Kalimba anywhere with you, for that summer vacation, that camping or road trip, a perfect travel companion!

Take it to the park, mountains, lakes and down the beaches, play it at home or on your campus, or even in your office, it’s loud enough to hear and quiet enough to not disturb your coworkers.

Play it during meditation. It’s such a beautiful instrument for mindfulness.

Bring it to a music workshop and people will all want to keep borrowing it.

A Great Hobby and Relaxing Distraction

Great for someone looking to try something new. You will absolutely mesmerized by the resonating tones and you will be instantly addicted to it as well.

If you have a dog or cat, they will always come out to lay in your lap as your play.  The sound will put your dogs and cats in a peaceful mood, they will take naps as you play. (true story) 

All your friends and your whole family will enjoy the plunky sound it produces too!

Helps You Get off the Phone

It’s could act as a wonderful tension tamer. Great for stressed people as well. It’s so meditative and peaceful and you can zone out and just pluck away with your thumbs. Great solution to mindless internet scrolling.

All the keys were nicely standard tuned and the wood looks spectacular in person. The sound is beautiful, the resonance is pleasing, and its sleek design makes it a pleasure to look at.

Introduce Yourself to Music

No musical ability necessary to produce mesmerizing sounds immediately. This little instrument just calls to be played. You really don't have to know how to play music. Just randomly selecting notes is still beautiful. 

Whether you never played an instrument before or don't know how to read music, Kalimba is an excellent starting point for musical novices. Beginners will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to play - within minutes, you can learn to play a tune.

So if you always wanted to play an instrument, but never learned this is the perfect instrument to start on!

You will love playing it whenever you are near it!

The sound of this instrument is amazing, so much so that even playing wrong notes sounds beautiful!

The first thing that will come to your mind when you strike the tines on your Kalimba will be "Wow, it's alive!"

Why? Because of the sound of the Kalima is so amazing and mesmerizing, even if you cannot play music, tapping on the different notes is music itself!

It provides a soft melody to each note, so much so that even playing wrong notes sounds beautiful!  And a whole variety of sounds can be made depending on how you play.

You'll be amazed at the richness of music that can come from this tiny instrument.

Perfectly tuned right out of the box, this charming Kalimba sounds like magic!

The Secret Why Anyone Can Play Kalimba in 5 Minutes

1. Fool-proof Numbered Musical Notations

Kalimba uses a system of numbered musical notations, meaning anyone can learn to play in minutes—even with zero prior musical education or experience.

Even better, this numbers-based approach makes even advanced songs accessible, so you can start playing what you love right away.

And the way the numbers work is simple.

Here’s an example: The Numbers "1" to "7" on the Kalimba represent the musical notes of C, D, E, F, G, A, B or "do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si, ti.” 

Now the first part of the popular tune "Old MacDonald Had A Farm" now becomes: 1 1 1 1, 6 6 6, 3 3 2 2 1 - "Old Mac-don-ald had a farm, E, I, E, I O.”

Just follow the numbers, and you have a tune. Easy! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Dario Shanahan
Kalimba is so fun to play!

I am in love with this little instrument! I used to play piano but no longer have one. The Kalimba is even better. Small, portable, and has quality sound. Easy to learn to play. Great price and very well made.

Jaquan Simonis
Very good instrument and quality!

I love it! The sound is so calm and relaxing, The chosen colour is a vibrant ocean blue and it looks so beautiful. Definitely coming back again to gift it to someone! Thank you!

Kathlyn Fisher
Great value and very nice sound.

This was a gift for my 11 yr old granddaughter but I wouldn't hesitate to give to anyone I know. It has such a delicate sound and this package comes with everything you'd need in managing and playing for many years to come! I will be back for more!

Flossie Durgan
Best Gift For Anyone!

This is absolutely one of the best purchases I've made. I love the sound. Easy to learn songs on... I'm thrilled!

Brayan Aufderhar
Super easy to learn

This kalimba is so well made! Sounds amazing, shiny and feels good in hand. My 4 yo daughter is instantly in love, she played and played until I asked her to stop and go do something else lol

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